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TeaRituel™ Water Bottle with Tea Infuser Filter

TeaRituel™ Water Bottle with Tea Infuser Filter

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Enjoy your daily tea ritual anywhere with our sleek leakproof portable water bottle/tea infuser made from high quality borosilicate glass! Simply place your tea in the upper infuser and enjoy fresh homemade tea on the go. 

Save money and time by bringing healthy homemade tea everywhere you go! Many to-go cups made of paper or plastic can seep toxic chemicals into your hot beverage (yuck!).  Our TeaRituel bottle is make of high borosilicate glass that is 100% healthy and toxin free. 

- Sealed and leak-proof design, no water leakage when inverted and shaken
- High borosilicate glass, durable, heat-resistant and cold-resistant, can withstand a temperature difference of -20 degrees -100 degrees
- Double glass design, heat insulation and anti-scalding
- Stainless steel tea strainer, easily block tea dregs
- Easily disassembled and cleaned 

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